Police Investigate Possible Connection in Heartland Bank Robberies

Police Investigate Possible Connection in Heartland Bank Robberies
By: Lauren Keith

The FBI, local and state authorities in Illinois and Kentucky are trying to find out if there's a connection between two bank robberies on Wednesday. One robbery also led to a deadly shoot out.

"No officer wants to use deadly force," said Lt. Steve Isbell with the Dyersburg police.

Police say they had no other choice but to use that deadly force after a high-speed chase resulted between officers and 51 year old Ronald Wade. Police say Wade robbed the Security Bank in Newbern, Tennessee, on Wednesday. Police chased him to Dyersburg. He pulled over and during a brief shoot out, Wade was killed, and a Dyersburg officer was injured.

"Sometimes we have to defend life, and he was hit a couple times, his patrol car was hit a few times, he had to end, to end, to end the gunfight." said Lt. Isbell.

Kentucky State Police tell us with Wade's death, they can close the books on two unsolved bank robberies, .including one in Monticello, where police got this surveillance picture of Wade. After the Monticello robbery, ...... Kentucky State Police released a description of wade and a man that may have been with him during the robbery---32 year old lLuther Self.

That's where Heartland News noticed a possible connection between that robbery and the man who held up the Integra Bank in Brookport, also on Wednesday.

The Brookport robber is described as a white male, around five foot eight, with a dark complexion. So is Luther Self. We turned over this information to both the FBI and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Both agencies are trying to track down Luther Self and see if there is a connection between these cases.

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Bank Robbery Facts
  • Law enforcement numbers tell us that about 75% of bank robbers are caught. In most cases they go to jail. If they use a weapon, they definitely go to jail, thanks to federal law.
  • American banks endured 8,259 robberies, burglaries, and larcenies in 2001.
  • Nationwide, bank robberies increased by about 9% in 2001 compared with 2000. 
  • On average, about $4,400 is stolen per robbery.
  • Bank robberies in small cities and towns increased by more than 35 percent from 1996 to 2001 and by almost 20 percent in rural areas.
  • According to the FBI, more bank robberies happen on Fridays than any other day, and the most popular time for banks to be robbed is between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Source:  Bank Rate