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11-year-old girl touches hearts with thank you note to police

(Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS)

After witnessing the violence against police officers in the news recently, an 11-year-old girl from Poplar Bluff, Mo. decided to do something positive and thank the officers in her community. 

Zaniya Davis, 11, made a card with the words "I love you" and thanked Poplar Bluff police officers on Friday.

She handed it to officers at the police station. With tears held at bay, officers read the card. 

"I just did a lot thank you's and I love you at the end," Zaniya said, "Everyone always talks about what they're doing wrong, but what about all the good things they do?"

Zaniya's mother, Nacoasha Chambers of Poplar Bluff, also wanted to write a letter thanking police for their service after hearing about a threat, written in the form of graffiti, in Poplar Bluff.

The graffiti depicted a police officer along with a gun pointed at the officer's head. 

Chambers found the drawings to be disturbing.

"It really upset me," Chambers said. "I just felt like it was really hateful that someone would do that. So I am going to sit down and write this letter."

So Chambers wrote a note without telling her daughter. They got in their car, muffins in hand, and headed toward the police station. 

Chambers told Zaniya that they were going to drop off the muffins and thank the officers for their services.

"A lot of times they (people) don't give policeman the credit they deserve about all the great things that they do and all the lives they save," Zaniya said. "So it's important to tell them that they're important."

"That really lets me know she is paying attention and catching on," Chambers said. "That was probably one of the biggest blessings that came out of that, for me to know that in light of us going down there that she wanted to be part of that also."

Poplar Bluff Patrolman Jeff Hovis met with Zaniya, her brother, mom and step-dad on Sunday at Whiteley Park.  

Hovis didn't get a chance to thank Zaniya when she came by the station to give the officers the letter, card and muffins.

"I don't think she realizes how much it meant to me and other officers there at the department," Hovis said. 

Upon meeting on Sunday, Hovis took the letter and card out of an envelope.

"I just definitely want you to know that it says in here that you are special and I love you and this act of kindness and appreciation, I'll never forget it," Hovis said to Zaniya. "It means more than you know. Thank you."

Zaniya smiled as Hovis told her how much it meant that she thought about them.

Hovis gave Zaniya a big hug and another big thank you. 

Zaniya said she has heard about bad shootings involving police officers lately. 

"About Ferguson and stuff like that, that was ridiculous," Zaniya said. 

"The policeman did his job and that's my opinion but people can say what they want. But at the end, pretty much everybody knows that that was ridiculous."

Chambers said Zaniya understands not everything said about police officers is true. She said her daughter forms her own opinions about police officers. 

"For this little girl, Zaniya, to step out of the crowd. It came at a really good time," Officer Hovis said. "It kind of helps you go the extra mile to know that there are people out there that still appreciate what we do."

"It's good to know that she isn't looking through a glass that's cloudy and seeing things clearly how they are," Chambers added. "That's what we try to teach her, make her own decisions, be your own person and do what's right. And even if it's not what everyone else is doing."

The Poplar Bluff Police Department plans to keep the note and card around for all officers to see.

Hovis says they are glad to know they have support from members of their community and that small gestures like Zaniya's card remind them of why they protect and serve their community.

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