Does it Work Wednesday

By: Amy Jacquin

Mascara is one make-up many women admit they can't do without. But what if you could permanently lengthen and thicken your lashes naturally?

"DreamLash is a nighttime treatment that lengthens and thickens your own eyelashes," says Stephanie Byars. She's a producer for Heartland News and volunteered to apply DreamLash every night for a month.

"Special proteins penetrate each hair shaft to strengthen and condition for healthier lashes," she continues reading the box.

Makers say it's a nonirritating formula and that you'll notice a dramatic difference in just a few days, but for optimum results, use it for a month.

"I think every girl wants longer lashes, and even thicker lashes, no matter how thick they really are," she shrugs.

"It definitely settled," she says, pulling the product out of the box. "I have to shake it."

Stephanie admits to being skeptical as she applies DreamLash for the first time.

"It feels really thin," Stephanie describes. "Watery, almost."

DreamLash dries within a couple of minutes, and she's not worried about it smearing her pillow sheets at night.

"It already feels pretty dry," she says as she touches her lashes. "It doesn't feel heavy on my eyelashes, either."

"Does it burn or in any way feel uncomfortable?" Amy Jacquin asks.

"No!" she says. "My eyes feel okay. No burning, thank goodness!"

We check back with Stephanie several weeks later.

"No one has looked at me and said, 'Wow, your lashes look so different!'
" she laughs. "
I've said, 'hey, look at my eye lashes. Don't they look longer?' And then people said, 'yea, they look a little longer.' So maybe that's just people's way of trying to say, 'Sure, Stephanie, whatever!'"

Actually, Stephanie says DreamLash DID make a little difference.


n about three days I could tell a difference
," she nods
Not a huge difference, but I felt like my lashes were a little longer. And the same thing now. It feels the same as it did after several days. Maybe a little bit of length and a little bit of volume.

We ordered DreamLash online for $12.


I wouldn't pay $12 for it
," she quickly refuses
Although I did find it in the clearance aisle of a local department store for $3. And I'd pay $3 for it
! Ha!"

We take a close-up

view of Stephanie before and after
may notice some difference, but we can't really tell. However, it didn't
her lashes, either. So overall, DreamLash probably isn't worth your time or money. It tops out at a D+.