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Technicality could get drunk drivers out of DUI checkpoints

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A new technicality could be letting drunk drivers get out of tickets at DUI checkpoints.

Some drivers in Missouri have been copying the method that first made headlines in Florida.

Drivers put their license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration in a large freezer bag and hang it out the window. They also place a note that usually says they are remaining silent and will only roll down the window with their lawyer present.

Apparently, this strategy has actually worked for some drivers who have been waved through some checkpoints, but one lawyer we talked to said this issue has yet to play out in court.

Attorney Bryan Greaser said the best way to avoid a DUI and make sure everyone is safe is to never drink and drive.

Law enforcement officers in Florida say a Supreme Court ruling in the 1990s upheld the legality of random checkpoints.

The Saint John's County sheriff in Florida said the signs only cause him to be more suspicious of the drivers operating those vehicles.

At least one department we know of tells Heartland News there will be checkpoints over Labor Day weekend.

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