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A quiet but summer-like start to the month of September; highs to reach 90s

It is Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015.

First Alert Weather Outlook:

While the calendar says September, it’s going to feel more like July or August. You can expect it to be very muggy today, and around 70 degrees when you walk out the door this morning. By the afternoon, temperatures could reach 90. With both the heat and humidity, it’s going to be a sweaty one.

Making Headlines:

Drug overdose investigation: Trigg County deputies are investigating a suspected drug overdose death, but some of the drugs in question may still be out there.They are still looking for at least one fentanyl patch. 

What happens next: The big question today - will Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis issue gay marriage licenses? The Supreme Court ruled against the county clerk, and now she faces a big decision: hand out licenses or risk potential fines or even possible jail time.

Set to be freed: A Missouri man sentenced to life without parole for marijuana-related offenses is set to be released from prison. Jeff Mizanskey spent more than two decades behind bars.

What's trending: 

Viral Video: We all know cats aren't big fans of water. But how do you explain this: While on a fishing trip these men actually rescued two kittens from the water. You have to see it to believe it!

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