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Missouri roller derby team to add men to 2016 season


One of the fastest growing sports in the world is now giving men the chance to lace up and be part of the team.

The Cape Girardeau Roller Girls, men have always played a role, usually as referees.

Now, they want men to be part of the team.

The Cape Girardeau Roller Derby Girls are rounding out their 2015 season with a 5 and 3 record and few new bumps and bruises. 

Their 2016 season is expected to look much different.

"We've decided to make the change and become 'The Cape Girardeau Roller Derby,' removing the gender requirement and allowing men to skate competitively," said Kristin Dejournett.

Most roller derby players will tell you that 'derby isn't a sport, it's a lifestyle' and the players of this team want men to join in.

"It is a very competitive sport, men are competitive animals . They love to get out there and get rough and tough and tumble with people so this is a perfect sport for them to," said Dejournett.

You won't find anyone on this team worried about the difference in size and strength men have over women.

Some players said put anyone on skates and you'll find yourself in a equal match. 

"If it's a girl in your way or a guy in your way, if you're there to win you are going to do what you need to win," said Jennifer Rose.

Julie Moser says the change is more about acceptance of all and letting everyone have an opportunity to be part of a team.

"It's part of the reason the sport was founded, for people who couldn't fit in, so why would we exclude somebody," she said.

If you are someone that's interested, orientation begins on Wednesday.

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