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Small MO town struggles to find new police chief


City officials in Holcomb are having some troubles finding someone to fill their police chief position.

Interim Mayor Rick Peters said the city has tried to replace their previous police chief, but they’ve had no luck.

“We appointed one, then we found out it didn’t work out when we ran the background check," he said.

 One big factor that’s holding them back, a one-year local residence requirement, and it’s keeping the council from seeking more candidates

“There are a lot of people that has the hours that lives outside of the Holcomb city limits," Peters said. "Living right here in the city limits, we’re not a very big town, we don’t have very many people qualified.”

Changing the requirement was put on a ballot a few years back, but voters decided that wasn’t a good idea.

Pat Moore has lived in Holcomb for 15 years and said she believes voters didn’t understand how serious the ordinance is.

“I think people didn’t think it through," Moore said. "It’s a very old ordinance and that’s the way it had to be and it’s up to the people to change it.”

Moore said she now feels the people in the community should rethink their decision.

“I think we should give it a lot of consideration," she said. "Some of our more qualified people may be outside of the city limits and we want the best candidate possible.”

But through all the changes in leadership, Peters said this is only a minor setback and the council will continue doing their job

“Business as usual, nothing slowed down because we don’t have a police chief," Peters said. "We doing the best we can do. All the alderman’s try to work together to move forward.”

The council plans to put the ordinance change on the ballot, next April.

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