Church Destroyed By Fire

Church Destroyed By Fire
By: Ryan Tate
A fire broke out at the Chaffee General Baptist Church Wednesday morning, that wound up destroying the building.
Chaffee firefighters were called around 4:30 am, but their initial ventures into the building were stopped the fire was too intense and the building began to be unstable.
Firefighters put out the blaze after 1:30 pm, then began to dismantle the building. According to Chaffee General Baptist Pastor Doug McClellan, nothing could be saved. McClellan says the church leaders will get together to find a temporary place to hold service Sunday Morning. They have had offers from the Chaffee Schools Superintendent and other churches in town.
The State Fire Marshall says he won't make a conclusion as to what started the fire until later this week or early next week. According to McClellan, some church members were cooking breakfast when they turned on the furnace. They believe that's what started the blaze. No one was injured from the church and no firefighters were injured either.
Crews from four different departments fought the fire.