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Perryville resident wishes to spread holiday cheer all year


Tuesday marked the exactly four months until from the morning after Santa Claus visits all the good boys and girls.

However, stores like Schnucks and Celebrate the Season in Cape Girardeau are just starting to roll out Halloween goodies.

But if Missy Boxdorfer could have her way, it would be Christmas all year long.

In fact, she's already counting down the days until December 25th.

"I start early in the year you know thinking 'Okay so many days until Christmas' but once it hits four months that's my actual countdown," Boxdorfer said.

Boxdorfer calls herself a Christmas fanatic. 

She has loved the holiday since she was a little kid.

"We'd go out to the woods and we'd cut down a tree and Grandpa had to think it was old enough to be cut down, but we'd cut it down and drag it back up to grandpa and grandmas house. That was good fun memories," Boxdorfer said.

Even as an adult she can't help but get excited as the calendar pages turn, but for a much bigger reason these days.

"It just brings out a lot of cheer in people," Boxdorfer said. "I mean you can pass people and they actually have smiles on their faces and in the world we got nowadays it's good to look forward to something good and have a lot of fun."

For her it's never too soon to spread the cheer, because why not keep that twinkle in your eye all year long.

"I'm thankful when my lights are up, my trees are up I just like the joy of it all," Boxdorfer said.

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