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Tipping your servers: Should the restaurant pay for it?


Tipping your server is a personal choice, but not leaving a tip at all is leaving servers wondering, 'what went wrong?'

Some people suggest that restaurants make food cost higher and pay the server a higher wage. 

"It's the worst idea I heard in my life!" Gabriele Ruggieri said.

The manager of Ciao said restaurants choosing to make up for servers tips in food costs would only hurt customer service.

"If you raise the price you don't give them an incentive," he said. "It would be like a food taker, they'll take their order and there no more customer relationships."

Ruggieri said how much a customer tips a server should be a personal choice. 

"There is a huge possibility of making money from tips on a servers point," he said. "I don't feel it would be fair to raise the prices for the customer, giving them the possibility to choose who does a great job as a server."

McKenna Craigmiles is working her way through graduate school and said although it's unfortunate when some people don't tip, she believes the amount restaurants would pay without tipping wouldn't be enough.

"I think it should still be tip based, servers are going to make a better percentage for tips instead of doing a base wage that the company will pay for them," she said.

She said through it all, customers should realize there are many things that happen that are out of your server's hands.

"I think you should tip your servers no matter what," Craigmiles said. "So much go on behind the scenes that many people don't see and they don't realize that sometimes it's not the server's fault, and taking it out on the server isn't really fair. And we get paid so little per hour for a company, we really do work for tips."

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