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Controversial sign raises questions in West Frankfort, IL


The name of a sign in West Frankfort, Illinois has raised a bit of controversy in the community.

The sign, located on West Main Street, reads: “Hauling Azz,” a store that sells trailers, fishing and hunting supplies.

“I kind of feel discriminated against to be honest with you,” business owner, Joey Crawford said.

Joey Crawford, a new business owner, put the sign up last Wednesday.

He got the idea for the name from his brother.

“I wanted something catchy and that was the first name he blurted out,” Crawford said.

Some folks in the community didn’t mind it, while others want the name hauled off somewhere else.

“I think it’s a bad idea because my daughter is of age,” one resident said. “She knows what they’re implying and I’ve heard other mothers say that their children are getting to the age of reading and they’re asking questions. And people that travel and come into our town. It just looks like trash, and West Frankfort is better than that.”

“It’s a misspelling,” another resident said. “It’s fairly censored as it is. If he was swearing on that sign, then maybe he would have grounds for it to be removed but he misspelled it, so I think it’s a play on words.”

City codes officer, Ed Hammonds said while the fine does state that the sign has offensive words – the real issue is that Crawford didn’t complete a sign permit request to begin with.

“Everyone that has a sign with a new business, there’s a permit sign request that has to be presented to city council for approval. Joey had no sign permit.”

Hammonds said Crawford was asked to take the sign down last Wednesday and Thursday.

When Crawford said that he wasn’t going to take it down, a $200 fine was issued last Friday.

“When I put the sign up, I didn’t realize I had to have a permit to put it up, so they called me to fill the permit out, so I’ve got to go there today and redo it.”

As of Monday afternoon, Hammonds said all of Crawford’s sign permit paperwork has been completed.

The mayor said the sign will be a topic discussed at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

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