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Cars get stuck in water after rain in Cape

(Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS) (Source: Mike Mohundro, KFVS)

"We started driving down the road and just got hit with all rain," said Dalton Knight. "Two seconds later we just
hit this wall of water." 

Knight and two other friends from Cape got stuck in some flash flooding in Cape Girardeau on Aquamsi St. Saturday evening. This happened after a lot of rain pushed through the area. 

Knight said they weren't the only ones that got stuck there though. Cape Girardeau Police were on scene helping assisting anyone that may have got stuck. It was Knight and his friend though that helped push out other cars after getting stuck themselves before
police arrived. 

"We got stuck, jumped out and pushed the car out," says Knight. And then another car came through and got stuck so we pushed them out of there." 

There was a total of five cars that got stuck in this section of Aquamsi Street. Others attempted to drive through the water but wisely backed up before getting stuck themselves. 

For Knight and his friends, it was a little scary.

"There is about two feet of water or more. It was past my knees," said Dalton. 

Dalton and his friends may have helped save the other cars from being too far damaged to drive.

Unfortunately, their car got the worst of it. As the cars they helped push out drove away, their car died. 

Motorists tried to jump their car hoping it would start. It is unknown at this point if they ever got it back up and running. 

Police had the street blocked off for about 30 minutes to stop motorists from driving through. About a half hour after the rain hit, the flooded road cleared up.

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