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Neighbors want help resolving issue of dilapidated property


There's a home in Bollinger County that's attracting attention and not in a good way.

The home was once part of a Kathy Sweeney eyesore story back in 2011, but the property is more of an eyesore now than ever and has become home to lots of stray cats.

If you're driving on Highway 34 in Bollinger County and go to turn on County Road 820, you wouldn't even notice a home in the mess of overgrown weeds.

But it's there and living all around it are nearly a dozen stray cats.
There's a drastic difference between what the home looked like in 2011 and it's current state.

Now, a forest of weeds occupies the front yard accompanied by piles of garbage both inside the home and out.

Neighbors say they've talked to officials about the problem, but their real concern is the cats living on the land.

One woman, Laura Liley, has taken is upon herself to feed the felines with the help of some local organizations, but she can't do it forever and wants a resolution to the problem.

"I would like to see the cats taken somewhere, some kind of place where they can be fed and cared for and maybe adopted out if possible," said Liley. "And I'd like the house tore down and the land cleared so if someone wants to build they can."

That may be in the cards.

There was a tax sale on the property on Monday, Aug. 24 at the courthouse.

The nearly 12 acres sold to two local men for $1,200. They say they plan to clean up the property and then sell it.

The Humane Society of St. Louis is investigating a number of feral cats on the property, and the Department of Natural Resources is updating its report on dozens of tires dumped in the woods behind the house.

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