Ride Pimpin' Dangers

Ride Pimpin' Dangers
By: Wes Wallace

ONLY AT NINE --There's a car customizing craze sweeping the nation. With in-dash TV monitors, souped up stereo systems, and flashing lights reminiscent of a shiny disco ball, the term 'pimp my ride', goes to a whole new level.
"I got a new CD player, amps, and two 10" sub-woofers, " Matt Seabaugh proudly explains, but he admits, "I don't know anything about stereos, and I figured I'd better let the pros do it, they sound pretty good now."
As Usher's "Yeah" blares in a Cape Girardeau parking lot, Seabaugh's car is hard to miss.
"It's something you just don't want to try to attempt yourself, " says Greg Vaughn, Sales Manager of Mobile Electronics at Stereo One. "If you don't have the right training, the right parts, and the right know how, you could do a lot of damage."
Damage to the airbags, speedometer, even gas gauge. One mistake could make a big difference in a car accident or worse yet, spark a fire due to faulty wiring.
"Just simply removing your radio and replacing it with an after manufactured radio without the right parts, could disable the airbags and take the instrument cluster offline, " says Vaughn.
Some car manufacturers might actually void your warranty, if the modifications aren't done by a professional.