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Preschool provides solid foundation for learning

Preschool provides solid foundation for learning


Preschool is more than organized play and arts and crafts.

Research shows it can provide some serious cognitive and social benefits. 

One Heartland school district is providing young minds with a foundation for learning as early as 3-years-old.
Advance Superintendent Stan Sieler says research shows young students really benefit from the classroom jumpstart.

“Early learning and early education is a vital part of being able to have a student that later on is able to think creatively and think productively,” Seiler says.

Misty Clark is the lead teacher at Advance Preschool Center and teaches students ages 3 and 4.

“It's actually structured play,” Clark says. “We read numerous books a day usually alphabet books, number books.  We have the alphabet chart posted in the writing center so they can already practice writing.”

In Missouri, kids are not required to attend school until age 7.

For Illinois and Kentucky, it is 6-years-old.

“It's an elective program,” Superintendent Seiler says. “If parents wish to be involved in it, we certainly want them to do that.  But if they wish not to, that is certainly their prerogative. We just hope that they also know the research that's out there.”

For mom, Heather Jones, signing her child up for preschool was a no brainer.

“Kindergarten is a hard transition sometimes,” Jones says. “We want him to be ready and prepared. They make it fun and they don't really realize they are learning.” 

Pre-schools do typically come with a fee. It is often the same cost as daycare.  There are some free preschool options available.

Click here for research studies on early childhood education.

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