Does It Work: Eggtastic

Does It Work: Eggtastic
Gary & Candi Goins give Eggtastic 4 stars on this Does It Work Test.
Gary & Candi Goins give Eggtastic 4 stars on this Does It Work Test.

Do you like eating eggs for breakfast? Most people do, but many don’t have the time to mess with the frying pan and spatula as they’re trying to get the kids off to school and get to work.

A product called Eggtastic claims to make fast, fluffy and flavorful eggs right in your microwave, but does it work? We enlisted the help of Gary and Candi Goins to try it out. The Goins have dozens of chickens on their Cobden, Illinois farm and as a result – eat a lot of eggs.  

"Every morning we have probably five or six before work,” said Gary Goins.

Eggtastic’s commercials claim the microwaveable ceramic pot makes scrambled eggs without the fuss. The commercial says all you have to do is crack, mix and microwave.

Candi Goins isn’t worried about the simplicity of the product; she says she’s worried the Eggtastic won’t be all it’s cracked up to be.

"I'm skeptical it'll be any better than putting it in a bowl,” said Candi Goins.

Candi gets cracking – whisking two eggs in the Eggtastic. She puts the lid on and follows the instructions. Eggtastic’s booklet doesn’t say to add milk or water to the eggs to make them fluffy, so Candi skips that part of her normal egg-making procedure.

In the Goins’ 1100 watt microwave the directions say two eggs should be ready between one minute and a minute and 15 seconds.

"Let's see what they look like,” said Candi Goins. “It's hot. I need a pot holder. Usually I don't need a potholder.”

Before the taste test, Candi whisks up two more eggs in her tried and true plastic microwaveable bowl to see if Eggtastic is truly better and making fast, fluffy and flavorful scrambled eggs.

"It's not a pretty bowl, but it works really well,” Candi Goins said.

The plastic bowl cooked the eggs quicker, and Gary and Candi were happy they didn’t have to us a potholder to take it out of the microwave. Eggtastic’s instruction booklet does warn the ceramic pot does get very hot during the cooking process, and cautions that children should never use Eggtastic.

The true test of Eggtastic’s abilities, of course, is the taste test. Gary and Candi both say the eggs in the plastic bowl without milk are nothing to crow about.

"They're firm and eh - a little more firm than usual,” said Gary Goins. “Let's check the Eggtastic. Those are more moist and quite a bit fluffier.”

"The Eggtastic eggs taste more like I had added milk,” said Candi Goins. “I am kind of surprised because I wouldn't think you'd get eggs like that without milk."    

Candi and Gary forgo the plastic bowl for their next test. They whisk up another couple eggs and add diced tomatoes and red peppers to Eggtastic.  

"This will be the true test,” said Candi Goins. “They're still fluffy - and still no milk. I'm still baffled by that!"

"They're actually good,” said Gary Goins. “You can actually taste the peppers and the eggs. Seems like they all cooked together pretty well."   

So is Eggtastic all it’s cracked up to be? The Goins give Eggtastic 4 stars on this Does It Work test.

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