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Cape Girardeau Police and Fire to upgrade to new radio system


Cape Girardeau Fire and Police Departments will soon have a better way to talk with each other and dispatchers.

According to department leaders, the current radio system is becoming over-crowded and outdated, hindering communication during emergencies like fires and police calls. They say, in their line of work, communication is key. That's why it's time for an update to the radio system.

"Instead of an analog system, we will be using a digital type system,” Assistant Fire Chief Mark Hasheider said.

Hasheider said the current system has some problems, like getting clogged with radio traffic and having too much static.

However, when you listen to a test on an example of the new, clearer system, you can sure hear the difference between that and the old analog system. The old system has static, but the new system is clear.

That's not the only perk. With the new system, all public safety workers can more easily talk with each other.

"I currently can't talk with, say, Cape County whenever they're on that particular channel because, with it being digitized and stuff, because we are on the old analog system. So, by all of us getting on the same type of frequencies, and using the same type of technology, we should be able to all talk,” Cape Girardeau Police Lieutenant Barry Hovis said.

Hovis said the new technology will also keep official conversations, between officials.

"Your bad guys are wanting to listen to what the police officers are doing and yes, that could hurt you.,” Hovis said.

Hovis and Hasheider agree, a more reliable system means the fastest and most effective response.

"People count on that. We don't want to let them down. I know I don't,” Hovis said.

Hasheider said the city council has already allocated about 1.4 million dollars to phase one of implementing this new system.

On Monday at the city council meeting, public safety will update the council on the progress.

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