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Grandparents speak out about getting robbed by their grandson


Grandparents of Thackery Moore can't seem to understand why their grandson would rob them at gunpoint.

Richard Samples and Kathy Tingle says when they heard someone break into their front door, they immediately knew it was their grandson, Thackery Moore.

"I raised him since he was a baby," Samples said. "I knew who he what he looked like, I knew who he was."

That's when Samples says Moore went into their bedroom, and pointed a gun at his face.

"By time I got on my feet, he was already in there with a gun and he says 'I'm tired of you guys calling the cops on me,'" he said.

Tingle says she tried to hide her wallet, but Moore went to grab it from her.

When Samples seen him going for the wallet, he says he wasn't letting that happen.

"He attacked her because he thought she had some money," he said. "So he went across the bed at her, when he did I went behind him and he still had the gun all this time."

Samples says he and his grandson began fighting over the gun and that's when Moore shot him in the upper leg.

Kathy Tingle says during that battle, the clip to his gun fell. But she says if it hadn't things could've been a lot worse.

"If the clip wouldn't have fallen, he could've kept shooting," Tingle said. "Luckily, Thank God the clip fell off."

Tingle says, she's still trying to make sense of what happened.

"I'm hurt, disappointed, mad, sad I got all these feelings mixed up I just don't understand," she said.

Samples, on the other hand, says when he gets a chance to talk to him, he just wants to know one thing.

"The only thing I'll say is I just want to know why?" he said. "After all the things we've done for him, I just want like to have an explanation as of why?"

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