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Study: Young students have too much homework


It’s back-to-school time, which also means back to all that homework.

Doing some school work at home is a ‘must,’ but recent numbers show some students are getting assigned way more than their daily dose.

A study published Wednesday in "The American Journal of Family Therapy" shows, on average, first-graders are getting nearly three times the recommended amount of homework.

Locally, some parents say they’ve seen that first hand.

Mother-of-three Jessica Green said it’s sure not easy getting her soon-to-be third-grader to sit still after he gets home from school, especially when he has a pile of homework.

“Last year it was over an hour a night, for second grade, which I thought was a lot for his age, being only seven years old,” Green said.

She also has a kindergartner. This mom said she is hoping for a lot less homework for her first year.

“Twenty minutes or so for her,” Green said.

The National Education Association recommends the “ten minutes rule.” Under the guideline, you add ten minutes of homework for each grade level. That means, first graders get ten minutes of homework, second graders get 20 minutes, and third graders get a half hour.

“I think that too much homework is when it’s causing a frustration at home,” teacher Danielle Ingram said.

Ingram has kindergarten through second grades in her classroom at Prodigy Leadership academy. She said while her students are assigned homework, it’s reasonable.

“All of my age groups are required to read 20 minutes a day at home with their parents. And the reason we do that is really more for the family aspect of it. It requires the mom and dad and the kids to sit down and just read together,” Ingram said.

She said when it comes to homework, or any issue, communication between parents and teachers is key.

“It’s just an average conversation just addressing hey, here’s what we are seeing at home and as a teacher sometimes we can help address that as well,” Ingram said.

According to the “10 minutes rule,” children should start having about an hour’s worth of homework by the 6th grade.

However, Ingram points out if younger students are taking that long on their homework just a night or two a week, that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as the student is not frustrated and/or tired with the work. All students learn at different paces for different subjects. Again, if you’re concerned she recommends speaking with the teacher.

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