PINK UP: Self breast exams are life saving

Pink Up: Self breast exams can be life saving

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - A Malden woman credits word of mouth and a self breast exam for saving her life.

Dana Gough was diagnosed with breast cancer in February.

However, Gough said she would have never even known if it hadn't been for Monica Edmonds.

On February 12, Gough heard Edmonds' story on KFVS 12.

At that time, Edmond's explained how she noticed her breast would sink in when she raised her arms, a sign of breast cancer.

That afternoon, Gough did a self breast exam. Turns out, she also had an indentation in breast.

"I just decided to check and lift up my arms and there it was just like some of my skin had

been sucked back, or like there was a little dip in the road is what it looked like," Gough said.

Later, she was diagnosed with early stage, fast moving breast cancer.

Gough was shocked.

"I keep thinking I'm imagining it, you know that it's not really there because I didn't have any pain, nothing

else. It was just that indention," Gough said. "If it hadn't been for Monica talking about that, I wouldn't have checked."

Gough is now in remission.

She hopes others will hear her story and get checked, because a simple breast exam can be life saving.

"Who would've thought somebody whose healthy, don't smoke, don't drink, don't have a whole bunch of family

with cancer and you still get it?" Gough said. "It's just extremely important to check. I mean month after month after month, keep on checking because you may not see anything one month but by the next month you know you could."

Doctors at Saint Francis Medical Center say the sooner you can find an indication of breast cancer, the better chance you have of surviving it. That is why it is so important to do a self breast exam.

Starting at the age of 20, woman should check themselves once a month.

If they notice any changes, you are encouraged to report it to your doctor.

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