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70 years ago on August 9th: Nagasaki

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Sunday marked 70 years since the U.S. dropped an Atomic Bomb at Nagasaki in Japan.

 In honor of the 70,000 people who lost their lives, there were somber ceremonies held worldwide including one held in Carbondale

The small gathering hosted by the Southern Illinois Peace Coalition held the goal of spreading the word and the details on a topic with a very complicated history.

The attacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan on August 6th and August 9th of 1945 claimed the lives of at least 129,000 individuals in either the initial blasts, or the radiation left in their wake.

“They deserve to be remembered, and to remind ourselves that we don’t ever want that to happen again.” explained Sunday's event organizer Georgeane Hartzog.

A small group in Carbondale gathered for a moment of silence, and to hear from atomic bomb scholar Jessica Bradshaw.

“We know how horrific it was, we know how many people were killed” Hartzog explained, “If we’re going to have another effort like we did when we created the A bomb in the first place, it ought to be in the opposite direction. [...] Getting rid of the very dangerous weapons that we have now.”

Coalition members reminisced on public outcry for “nuclear freeze” during the cold war now decades ago; which is an effort they say has lost steam since the conflict faded into memory.

“We have thousands of weapons that are still on hair trigger here in the US.” Hartzog said.

The United States currently has about 17,000 nuclear warheads ready for use, each of which are far more powerful than both of the bombs dropped in Japan combined.

“We just need to be reminded that that effort is still important, it still needs to be carried through, it’s still putting us at great risk”

A ceremony was held Sunday in Japan at the very site where the bomb was dropped at Nagasaki.

Japanese officials explained plans to push for international nuclear disarmament in the United Nations this fall.

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