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Back-to-School sales tax holiday kicks off in MO, TN

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Back-to-school sales tax holiday kicks off Friday and runs through Sunday (August 7-9) in Missouri and Tennessee.

Guy's Uniform Store in Cape Girardeau is one of those places taking part in the tax-free weekend, they've decided to pay for their customers local taxes as well.

Jamie Kordick traveled from Poplar Bluff to take advantage of the sale and says the tax free weekend really helps with saving during shopping.

So every little bit helps when you're going back to school and any bit of money, especially sales tax gets costly. We usually spend at least $200," Kordick said. "So getting your sales tax paid really helps out a lot."

For other stores, there are limitations on what qualifies for the tax break.

Somethings you can't do is buy a $150 jacket, and expect the first $100 of that purchase to be tax-free.

Items must be $75 or less to get the tax break.

To get the tax break on school supplies, you have to spend just 50-bucks at a time, which means you may have to make several trips through the checkout line. 

As for computers, you have to spend $3500 or less to get the break.

Illinois and Kentucky do not participate in the back-to-school sales tax holiday.


In Missouri, parents and caregivers can get a break by not paying sales tax on most items of clothing up to $100, school supplies up to $50 per purchase, computer software worth less than $350, and personal computers and computer peripheral devices worth less than $3,500.

Click here for more info for consumers. View these frequently answered questions.

There are several areas of the state NOT participating in the sales tax holiday.

Cities not participating

Counties not participating

District no participating


The tax holiday in Tennessee applies to clothing and footwear under $100, school supplies under $100, and computers under $1,500.

View these frequently asked questions for the sales tax holiday in Tennessee.

Click here for a full list of items.

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