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Residents in small MO village prepare for demolition


The small village of Pinhook, Missouri will be demolished on Thursday morning, Aug. 6. Residents are trying to prepare themselves to see the town they grew up in gone.

Debra Tarver was born and raised in the small village of Pinhook. She said seeing the village demolished is something that will take a while to set in.

“It’ home, so it isn’t something that you can wake up tomorrow and feel happy about," Tarver said.

Back in 2011, government officials ordered everyone in the village to evacuate their homes because they planned to blast the Birds Point Levee.

David Robinson said he was at work when he seen on Facebook that they had to evacuate.

He said everyone in the village had less than 5 hours to leave.

“When we got the word, it was almost too late to get out. We had to go," Robinson said.

He said when he heard the explosion from blowing the levee, it took a while to set in.

“I was sitting here going, 'wow.' Pinhook as we knew it  was gone,” he said. 

After the water receded, many never returned. Except for Debra Tarver's uncle.

Tarver said her uncle will stay in his home even after the other homes are gone.

“He did not want to go, and him being the age that he is, if that’s his choice, so be it," she said.

But Tarver said although the village will be gone, it will always mean something to her.

“They can take the buildings down, but they can’t take the Pinhook I got in my heart," Tarver said emotionally. 

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