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Cape Girardeau drivers worried about changes to Independence, Pacific intersection


Some Cape Girardeau locals are concerned about the intersection of Independence and Pacific.

Since the city removed the traffic lights in May, there have been at least four reported accidents.

City officials say they replaced the traffic signals with stops signs because there is not enough traffic flow at this intersection. But some drivers are calling it unsafe now because not everyone sees the cross-traffic warning signs.

That's what Kelsi Siebert claims happened to her on Tuesday when she says a minivan drove through the stop sign, hitting the car she was in with her two friends.

The van flipped on its side and Siebert's car spun around.

The intersection sits just a few blocks from a school and she said the change has her worried about the kids that take this route every day.

“I am kind of scared because of what happened yesterday with the lights not being there anymore. Even a police officer told me that he is afraid to go down Independence because the lights are not up anymore and he is afraid he is going to get hit,” Siebert.

The Assistant Public Works Director Stan Polivick said the city is adding enhancements to the intersection to help out drivers, including painting a white stop line and the word 'STOP' under the stop sign.

Polivick said the city is also working with the nearby school to help remind parents about the changes.

If crashes continue to happen at this intersection, Polivick said they'll look into adding flashing stop signs, but they won't bring back the stop lights.

He asked that drivers be more cautious when approaching this intersection.

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