Natural Farming

Natural Farming
By:  Jason Lindsey

Cape Girardeau, Mo -- Eating healthy is now such a popular trend many fast food restaurants across the nation are adding natural chicken to their menus.

One Heartland farmer says that farming natural isn't easy, but it pays off in the end.

Matt and Rachel Fasnacht started raising pastured animals about a year ago.  The Fasnacht's let their cows, pigs, and chickens roam free.  The animals eat natural grasses and speical grains.

In the end the Fasnacht's say you benefit from getting food worth eating.  They say, if you haven't had a fresh egg from a pastured hen you don't know what you are missing.

Pastured farming is not a new type of farming.  It was done many years ago and it's a tradition the Fasnacht's want to keep in the family.