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Tips to prevent identity theft on college campuses


Fighting fraud is not likely a college student's top priority as they head back to school, but it's something they will want to watch out for throughout the year.

According to Javelin Strategy and Research, the average cost of losses from identity theft for people aged 18 to 24 is $1,156, which is roughly five times more than the amount lost by other age groups.

The research group reports identity theft for that age group also takes the longest to detect- 132 days on average.

The Better Business Bureau recommends students take extra steps to protect themselves on campus.

Simple tips include:

  • Send sensitive mail sent to a permanent address, like your parent's home or a post office box. The BBB says that should help you combat sticky fingers in the mail room.
  • Things like your social security card, passport, bank and credit card statements should be stored under lock and key. It's also a good idea to shred any financial information. It's not hard for a thieve to sift through your trash.
  • Make sure your computer is up-to-date on anti-virus and anti spyware software to keep you safe from predators online.
  • Never let anyone borrow your credit or debit card, even your best friend.
  • Check your bank account regularly so you can quickly identify any suspicious activity. 

The BBB says the golden rule is to just be careful. It doesn't matter if you're a poor college student, identity thieves are typically looking for anyone with a clean credit record.

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