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How to protect your wifi router against hackers


According to researchers, wifi routers are being attacked by hackers more than ever nowadays and they’re using multiple ways to get into your connection.

Some ways to know your router is hacked is by being careful on the links you press. In some cases hackers will have it set up where you can still surf the internet going to your normal sites, but the page is covered with viruses.

Anderson Computer owner, Bill Anderson, said getting one virus can lead to more viruses being welcomed in.

“They’re going to preamp things, they’re going to kinda take over," Anderson said. "Slow your system down, redirect you to places you don’t want to be, throw up popups. The problem with it is as it goes along if you don’t take care of it right away, their known by other programs, virus programs so forth, and those get invitations to come on your computer.”

Anderson said there are three precautions to take to help you from getting hacked.

One way is changing you wifi default password. He said many of us keep the password that our internet providers give us when they install it and that is something very easy for hackers to find out.

Also making your wifi name invisible. By doing this Anderson said your wifi name wouldn’t come up when someone is looking for a potential hotspot to hack.

Last but not least something he said is VERY common is changing your administration password to get into your wifi information.

He said all wifi connections admin password is simply “admin” which makes it extremely easy for hackers to get in and have complete control over your connection.

To change the settings on your wifi router log into the administration website on the back of your router. Once you login, search for the administration tab and you should be able to change the password for your administration account and your wifi.

To make your wifi name invisible hide the SSID. Once you do that, in order to connect to your wifi you must manually enter the name and the password.

For more information about this you can contact Bill Anderson at 573-683-0683.

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