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Homeowners save big bucks with energy efficient home


“We figure to heat and cool the house for $40 to $50 a month,” Greg Smith said.

Does that sound too good to be true? The owners of an energy efficient home in Essex say it’ll cut their monthly energy bill in half, at least, thanks to a unique style of building.

The walls are made of concrete and insulated with foam material. The homeowners say while it may be a little more costly to build, the pay off in the long run will be well worth it.

“We set down and drew the plans ourselves, we’re building it ourselves, it has to be called a dream house,” Smith said.

He and his wife Zenita say the layout isn’t even the best part.

“The heating and cooling is extremely efficient. We expect to heat and cool it for about $40 to $50 a month,” Smith said.

The walls of the 3,000 square foot home are concrete and insulated with foam and reinforced with rebar.  

“[The truck pours] concrete up and over then out through the tube and filled the walls nice feet high all at one time,” Smith explained. “It’s a strong wall. There’s not a storm or tornado going to tear it down.”

The walls come, pretty much already made.

“The blocks lock together,” Smith said.

Plus, Smith said there are no problems that used to come with concrete homes.

“You don’t get mold, you don’t get wet and water,” Smith said.

Smith said it’s about 8-10 percent more expensive to build the house this way, but it’s easy and they can do the work pretty much all on their own.

“It’ll look exactly like a traditional house,” Smith said.

However, Smith said, the house will secretly save them big bucks.

Smith said this style of building has been around a long time but now, as energy costs continue to rise, they’re becoming more popular.

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