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Drives Me Crazy! Your biggest driving complaints


What drives you crazy about other drivers?

"They'll zip right out in front of you and make you stop,” said Casey Smith of Sikeston.

Use their signal? "Nope,” said Herman Matney of Morehouse. “Absolutely not."

"You know, people are like 'get out of my way,'" said Judy Kay Ruppel, who drives for Cape County Transit.

That's the attitude many of you say the rest of us have as we all try to share the same streets and highways across the Heartland.

With hundreds of you driving this story on my Facebook page with your comments last week, I narrowed it down to the offenses that offend you the most.

Let's start with driving in the passing lane.

"Drivers that drive slow in that faster lane on the inside lane, that does cause a problem," said Sgt Jim McMillen with Sikeston DPS.

You won't likely be pulled over for this, but officers hope you'll pass, then move back over.

Next, not turning your headlights on when it's raining.

"Even if it's not raining. If it's cloudy, hazy, foggy, snowy. Headlights on makes all the difference. I mean you can see that car above everything else," Ruppel said.

But some of you complained, no one gets a ticket since officers don't want to get out in the rain.

Not so fast, said Jackson Sargeant Alex Broch.

"We do stop in the rain, yes," said Broch.

Don't mind getting wet, we asked. "I do not mind getting wet," he said.

What's up with this middle turn lane, or as one viewer calls it, the "I'll drive in this lane and someone will let me over" lane.

Jackson PD ramped up enforcement on this one and started ticketing offenders they catch.

"Some were upset,” Broch said. “Some, honestly, I feel they did not know that they couldn't do it."

Don't say you haven't been warned!

Next up: Texting and talking, or basically any activity involving your phone.

"You can spend 15 minutes out there and count off ten people that are doing that,” said McMillen. “I mean, it's so prevalent these days."

Dozens of you said you wished the laws were tougher, and that more people got pulled over for it.

In Cape Girardeau, Sikeston and Jackson, inattention is definitely a factor in crashes, with nearly 400 cases of it adding up in Cape Girardeau alone last year.

But, you may be surprised to hear, what's happening outside your vehicle is a bigger distraction.

"Somebody paying attention to someone walking down the road, maybe observing an animal that’s crossing the in the road in front of you, someone yells at you, a loud noise," explained Cape Girardeau Police Sargeant Kevin Orr.

Finally, there's plain old common courtesy.

It has become a "ME! ME! ME!" world," said another, offering the Highway M and E signs as proof.

"People are in a hurry," Orr said. “They want to get to where they’re going quickly. They don’t want to wait.”

After more than a dozen years driving others for a living, Judy Ruppel offers this advice: "I think if everyone would just drive kinder, a little nicer to people. Take in consideration, maybe that person is on their way to a doctor's appointment. Or where? Just be courteous of one another."

Back to that middle turn lane, Sargeant Orr said you can use it to merge into traffic, especially on a busy four-lane like Kingshighway. Just don't make it your personal driving lane.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your driving frustrations with me.

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