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Homeowner warns others after deck collapsed beneath her feet


It was a quick end to a get-together on the deck. One Cape Girardeau homeowner said the fun was over when what they were standing on gave way.

“It was frightening,” homeowner Tanya Essner said.

“You could just hear "crack, crack" and it was down to the ground,” Gabe Camacho said.

Essner said she never dreamed this would happen, but it did. Now she wants to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

“We were standing on it and it just, you know, disconnected from the house,” Essner said.

It certainly wasn’t something Essner and her two friends expected as they enjoyed the summer night on the back deck.

“The floor was there then all the sudden it wasn’t,” Camacho said.

Thankfully, no one was hurt too bad. Camacho has a fractured ankle, but other than that, they just some scrapes and bruises.

“There could have been children on there with us, we could have had the grill going,” Camacho said.

Essner said the deck has been here about 28 years, but she didn’t know anything was wrong. Now, she has a suggestion for other deck owners.

“Double check and have somebody else come out and check it out,” Essner said.

Owner of Riverside Remodeling Ralph Craig said she’s right.

“Some of these decks are 15 to 20 feet off the ground and that’s a long ways down,” Craig said.

He said having the deck built right and making sure it stays solid is key.

“Inspect the decking of the flooring, make sure none of the screws are popping up,” Craig said.

Also, he said, check to make sure the area where the deck mounts to the house is secure, along with deck posts and railings. Plus, maintaining your deck will help it last longer.

“Power-wash your deck, seal it, keep it clean,” Craig said.

As for Essner, she said she will rebuild the deck, but until then, she’s watching her step.

“I will think twice and maybe even check it out before I step on it,” Essner said.

Craig said if you’re thinking about building a deck, don’t cut corners. He said use strong material and always get a licensed contractor to do the work.  

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