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Kentucky shelter volunteers work to place pets before closure


The animal shelter in McCracken County is battling the clock.

They are set to shut down but they want to find homes for dozens of animals first.

Come January, the McCracken County Human Society with be the main location for pet adoption.

Volunteers are concerned because the Humane Society has a Euthanasia Policy.

"To know that we can help out and to know that he is not going to spend his last year in a kennel and then die,” said Michelle Oliver.

Oliver said she decided to adopt 'Skinny' when she heard the news that the McCracken County Animal Shelter would be shutting down.

"We saw a need that these dogs needed homes or there was the threat that there was going to be put down,” she said.

She's not the only one. Volunteers say they've had people come from across state lines come to rescue these four-legged pets.

"We have had 32 adoptions so far up until last Friday and of those eight had been here more than a year,” said Diana Crickshank.

The rush to get these animals into forever homes comes after the McCracken County leaders voted to shut down the shelter and make the McCracken County Humane Society the sole place for pet adoption.

With a euthanasia policy in place there, it's unclear how long these animals will have before being put down.

"By the time the Humane Society takes over we need every that has been here, I would hope six months, to be gone,” said Crickshank.

With the clock ticking, volunteers hope more people like Oliver open their homes and their hearts.

"Anybody considering adopting, please come look at ours and hopefully they will take one that they can get adopted,” she said.

McCracken County leaders voted to close the animal shelter and make the humane society the sole caretaker of stray animals.

There will be an adoption event at Carson Park on Aug. 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be some dogs from the shelter that have been there the longest in desperate need of a home as their time may be running out. 

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