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Bystanders can save lives using CPR


Sudden Cardiac Arrest could happen to a stranger, a loved one, anyone. Regardless of who it is, if you could help them, wouldn't you? The good news is, you can.

Experts say any bystander can jump into action, with just a little training.

Knowing what to do when someone goes into cardiac arrest is easier than you might think.

The first step is calling 911. Then, they urge you to immediately start chest compressions. One local paramedic with Cape County Private Ambulance says, don't hesitate.

"I have actually been on calls and had patients before where CPR and an AED were applied immediately and they got that patient back even before help arrived, or we got them back on the way to the hospital and they had a positive outcome where they left the hospital and lived a life,” Sam Herndon said.

Herndon suggests following these simple steps:

SHAKE! Shake the person vigorously to check for responsiveness.

CALL 911! If unresponsive, call 911. Call for an AED.

PRESS! Begin chest compressions to the beat of Row Row Row Your Boat (it helps you stay on pace.) DO NOT stop until EMS help arrives. Use AED if available.

Watch a short video from the American Red Cross on “Compression Only CPR,” also known as Hands Only CPR.”

For training courses and additional information, contact Cape County Private Ambulance or The Red Cross.

For more information on the Good Samaritan Law, click here.

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