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Survey: Average work weeks longer due to technology

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When you get home from work for the day, are you actually home? A new survey says people believe traditional nine to five workdays are a thing of the past due to easy connectivity offered by smartphones.

The survey, by Careerbuilder, has found half the people who work in sales, business and financial services and information technology check their work email in their off-time.

“I have my phone on me at all times just in case an emergency comes up and I have to go to work for some reason,” said Carbondale Goodwill manager Amanda Krumbridge.

Carbondale resident Mary Meadows said her husband is a writer who works from home to begin with, and the distinction between home and office time is often hard to place.

“We’re constantly thinking about work, Meadows explained, “or able to ‘be at work’. So that we don’t necessarily detach from work.”

Sixty-two percent of the people surveyed say the extra time is a choice, and spend it intentionally.

One in every five say the daily grind is the last thing they think about before hitting the hay for the night, but when the clock strikes dawn, 42 percent say their mind is already at work.

Meadows said it’s become a task she doesn’t even put thought into.

“I will check my email… and I have it set to update and tell me when I have new messages, but I will still open it up and check it,” she said.

“My priorities are making sure that I leave my work life at work and my home at home,” Krumbridge explained. “I spend more time at work than I do at home, and if I brought the stresses home to my kids, then what kind of mother would I be?”

The survey also says men are most likely to check their email on their off-time, and women are more likely to go to bed thinking about their job.

The survey findings can be found here.

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