CDC: 'Plan B' on the rise among teen girls

CDC: 'Plan B' on the rise among teen girls

(KFVS) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports there's a dramatic increase in the number of teen girls having sex who use emergency contraception, sometimes referred to as the "morning after pill."

One Heartland pharmacist said right after it was approved, he saw small increase in teenage girls asking for the pill.

"Today we probably see one to two purchases every couple months," said Ben Calcaterra.

Calcaterra thinks one reason behind the increase is the fact that the pill is available without a prescription, but he also said he doesn't expect that number to grow.

"In our area, I think we are where we will be. We hit the plateau of people learning about it and knowing that it is available to them," he said.

Clacaterra said while it should be available to those who need it, it shouldn't be used as a primary form of birth control.

"It is used after unprotected sex for someone who is not currently on the pill. But it is the same drug, it's the same method and it is working in the exact same way," said Calcaterra.

Some experts are concerned this easily accessible contraceptive pill has changed teens' attitude about sex.

The FDA has not made this connection.

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