Farmington, MO woman accused of taking nearly $6K from city

Farmington, MO woman accused of taking nearly $6K from city

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - A Farmington, Missouri woman is accused of taking nearly $6,000 from the city.

Jaime Nicole Ellis, 35, is facing charges of stealing.

According to the Farmington Police Department, Michelle Daniel, finance director for the city of Farmington, Mo., reported that $5,695.92 had been stolen from the city.

The missing money was from money received for building permit fees. It was all cash that was missing.

Daniel discovered the money missing during an audit of the permit fund account that showed hundreds of permit applications that still showed an outstanding balance.

According to Daniel, she and her staff determined that handwritten receipts had been drawn for the missing money indicating the money had been received from the customer, but had not been noted as such in the accounting software used and had not been deposited in the city's bank account.

On June 11, Ellis told police that over the previous three years, she had taken permit fee cash. She said she didn't take all of the money, but admitted that she probably took more than $500 during that period.

Ellis, who was the city's current building inspector from February 2015 to the time of the interview, had been the permit clerk who was primarily responsible for making entries into the accounting software system and preparing the money received for the permits for deposit.

Daniel said if the permit fee entries in the accounting software would have been closed out as having been satisfied, the finance office would have known by the end of the month that something was wrong, and thus would have stopped the theft soon after it started. By not closing them out, it made it more difficult to find.

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