Shocking Self Defense

Shocking Self Defense
By:  Wes Wallace
Cape Girardeau, MO -- You've probably seem them on Heartland News. Police officers training using tasers. Rather than shooting firearms with possible deadly consequences, law enforcement agents can use tasers to shock and briefly stun suspects.
"I think police using them is one thing, but if people start using them, then I think we're asking for trouble, " says Janet Jaco, "We do need to defend ourselves yes, there's a lot of crazy people out there, but I think there's a limit as to how to protect yourself too."
Instead of mace, pepper spray, or some other type of self defense weapon, some people are purchasing tasers. You can buy them online or order them through most gun and weapons shops.
"You can buy anything most anywhere these days," explains Sgt. Rick Schmidt with the Cape Girardeau Police Department, "If you do get one, you need training, proper training, and not everyone can get it, if they buy the tasers from just whoever."
Schmidt not only trains police officers on how to use the stunning devices, but also is certified by Taser International, to train civilians in a one on one course. "That type of individual training is invaluable, because it teaches you how to use the weapon properly, and not to put too much emphasis on it."
Not all tasers are equal.
Schmidt says the police issued tasers fire of 19 pulses per second for up to five seconds. Standard or civilian tasers fire 12 pulses a second for 45 second. That's because a regular person will probably react much slower than a police officer. Giving you more time to run, call for help, or get away. Extended Web Coverage

Taser Facts
  • Taser devices utilize compressed nitrogen to project two small probes up to 15, 21 or 25 feet at a speed of over 160 feet per second.
  • These probes are connected to the TASER device by insulated wire.
  • An electrical signal is transmitted through the wires to where the probes make contact with the body or clothing, resulting in an immediate loss of the person’s neuromuscular control and the ability to perform coordinated action for the duration of the impulse.
  • Independent medical and scientific experts have determined taser devices to be among the safest use-of-force options available.
  • Taser devices are currently in testing or use at over 6,000 law enforcement, military and correctional agencies in the United States and abroad.

Source:  Taser International