Does It Work: Balloon Bonanza

Does It Work: Balloon Bonanza

CHAFFEE, MO (KFVS) - Water balloon fights are a staple of summer fun, but this week's Does It Work product claims to cut down on the prep time for the backyard balloon bombs drastically.

Balloon Bonanza claims to make 40 filled and sealed water balloons "freaky fast". To test this one, we turn to water balloon aficionados Jacob and Leah Vandeven of Chaffee, Missouri.

Like most brothers and sisters, 8-year-old Jacob and 6-year-old Leah love to pelt each other with water balloons. Before the summertime sibling air assault can commence, Jennifer Vandeven (AKA mom) has a lot of work to do.

"It takes me about two hours to tie up 100 of them," Jennifer Vandeven said. "I'm surrounded by them saying is it ready yet? My fingers are good and blistered when we get done with the water balloons and they throw them on the ground and at each other and it's over in 5 minutes."

The Vandevens are ecstatic about the possibility of 40 filled balloons in seconds, the potential for 120 full water balloons per box of three Balloon Bonanza nozzles.

"That would be amazing," said the mother of two. "If it works."

There's only one way to find out, so Jennifer Vandeven opens the package, reads and follows the directions. She turns on the hose to get the air out of the line, and then attaches the first nozzle with 40 blue balloons to the hose.

The balloons expand with water and the kids are full of anticipation.

"It works!" said Leah before the balloons were even half full.

Mom isn't jumping to conclusions.

"I'm wondering how the 'shake free' part is going to go. That seems like it could go wrong," Jennifer said. "Look at that. They came right off! Except for 1, 2, 3, 4."

Only four blue balloons failed to fill and remained attached to the nozzle.

The kids had a blast tossing the balloons at each other, at the house, at the ground, at the basketball hoop and in the grass; however the balloons didn't seem to break very easily.

"These things are invincible," Jacob said.

Jacob and Leah decided to get creative. They quickly learned that squeezing the balloons causes water to shoot out the rubber-banded enclosure. They used this revelation to create squirt guns of a sort to soak their sibling opponent.

Then we followed up the blue balloon round of success with another two rounds of filled and sealed balloons - yellow and red.

Both rounds of balloon filled successfully, with the exception of a small number of fail-to-fill balloons.

As a busy mom, Jennifer Vandeven said she's willing to pay for the convenience Balloon Bonanza brings to backyard fun.

"There were a few that didn't fill, but any parent that has had to blow up and tie off all those water balloons understands the amount of time and frustration it takes," said Jennifer Vandeven. "So, for me, I think it's totally worth it."

The Vandevens give Balloon Bonanza 4.5 stars on this Does It Work test.

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