Anna, IL railroad construction impacts nearby businesses

Railroad construction in Anna, IL

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - Traffic delays can cause quite the headache.

At the railroad crossing on IL 146/ Vienna Street, railroad construction began on Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. to fix part of the railroad, causing a slow day on the roads and in stores.

"There's hardly nobody going into my store unless you're going to the bank," business owner, Tunney Isom said. "Cause there's a detour right there because the railroad tracks are right there."

Tunney Isom has been the business owner of Isom's Antiques and Collectibles for the past 25 years, and said the current construction is putting a halt on customers coming in.

"Well, for me it almost stops it," Isom said.

IDOT stated the Illinois Central Railroad Company determined that the ties and rail that were in that crossing needed to be replaced.

Crews have been removing the existing rail panel and putting the new one in. On Tuesday evening, trains will run through the section to compact it.

While construction has slowed down business, Isom said he's glad it's helping Anna progress.

"They are fixing the town in great shape right now, doing all the roads and everything, so it may be needed just to help out a little," Isom said.

IDOT officials say on Wednesday, crews will put in a new crossing surface down and asphalt to make that area smooth for drivers.

Construction is expected to finish up late afternoon on Wednesday.

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