Bees make hive near Morehouse, MO police station

Thousands of bees swarm near Morehouse police station

MOREHOUSE, MO (KFVS) - A swarm of bees made a home outside of the Morehouse Police station.

According to Morehouse Police Chief Jack Hays, hundreds of bees are building a hive in a light fixture on the WWII Memorial Wall.

He said the hive, so far, is about a foot long and 10 inches high.

The area has been taped off for safety concerns.

Beekeeper Randy Carpenter knocked down around 15,000 bees into a box. He hopes the rest of the bees will return to their hive. He'll then go back on Tuesday night to collect the hive and take it back to his home.

Hays said it's crazy to see a beehive right in the middle of town. He said they weren't there on Monday, but he noticed them around noon on Tuesday.

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