IDOT crews respond to 'pavement blowup' in Southern Illinois

IDOT responds to pavement blowups

The Illinois Department of Transportation responded to a pavement blowup Monday morning just North of De Soto, Illinois.

IDOT District 9 Engineer Keith Miley said a pavement blowup is when the moisture seeps into pavement causing it to expand and eventually rupture upward.

Miley said they're very common this time of year but have happened more than usual in 2015 -- On average IDOT crews respond to about one or two in the Southern region but have responded to five already this year.

The pavement blowup happened in the Southbound lane half a mile South of Traux Trarer Road along IL Route 51 has since been fixed.

The blowup caused a hole one foot wide, Miley said.

The recent rain mixed with the extreme heat is what causes these pavement blowups, Miley said.

If you spot damages in the road you are urged to call IDOT.