Carbondale begins search for new police chief

Carbondale begins search for new police chief

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The City of Carbondale has started its search for a new police chief by posting the job on the city site.

This comes 11 months after Carbondale City Manager Kevin Baity fired former police Chief Jody O'Guinn for "Personnel Reasons."

In that time, 20-year Carbondale Police veteran Jeff Grubbs was promoted to interim Police Chief where he's worked since.

Grubbs said he will apply for the position.

"I think that you find yourself at a point in your career where you find an advancement opportunity," Grubbs said. "The timing both personally and professionally seems right to move forward."

Carbondale's City Council has recently been attempting to make changes to the city's residency requirements for administration positions. The city requires the police chief to live within the city. Grubbs does not currently live inside the city.

"I would like to think that we have created positive changed over the past 11 months," Grubbs said.

He said he's committed to improving the relationship between police and the community and the promotion to chief would allow him to do even more.

"There things that I have already done and there are things that I want to do," Grubbs said. "And a lot of those positions require permanency."

The starting salary for the position is $95,000 and is negotiable. For Grubbs, it would be $10,000 more than his current salary.

City Manager Kevin Baity said the position was ready to be advertised last fall, but there was a discussion about pulling the residency boundaries.

He said the position was listed on three police association websites the week before and was on the city website on Friday, July 17.

According to Baity, the application review will begin and a short list of those who meet the current requirements will be created. From there, the list will be narrowed.

It is at the city manager's sole discretion to hire. He will create an eligibility list and has to hire from 1 through 5.

The process will include background checks and interviews. It is expected to take about three to four weeks.

"I anticipate having probably two in-house candidates apply, and it could be more," Baity said.

He said the earliest a decision would be made would be around Oct. 1.

"In all reality, we're looking at an October first that somebody would be named to the position, at minimum," he said.

He said Carbondale is different from Marion or Mount Vernon and they need someone with experience in a university community.

"We do have a transient population that's here about nine months out of the year," Baity said.

He continued, they need someone community-minded and willing to involve the community in policing efforts.

The first review of resumes will begin August 3. Qualified applications are required to submit resumes by then.

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