Triple digit heat index, possible strong storms later

Triple digit heat index, possible strong storms later

It's Monday, July 20, 2015.

Weather Outlook:

Lightning put on quite a show overnight, and there's a good chance storms will blow through the Heartland later today. Brian says the severe weather threat will mostly be in the afternoon. When you walk out the door this morning expect more summer heat and humidity. Heat indexes could reach the triple digits for some of us again. Click here to find out where strong storms could be possible later.

Making headlines:

Murder Trial: A Cape Girardeau County man accused of killing his wife and son is expected to appear in court today. A jury from Cole County will head to the Cape Girardeau County Court House to begin hearing the trial.

Improving ties: For the first time since 1961, Cuba and the U.S. will reopen embassies in each other's capitals, restoring full diplomatic relations.

Travel woes: A California freeway bridge collapsed  amid heavy rains in the California desert, injuring one driver, stranding many others, and halting travel for thousands.

What's trending:

Shark clash: Have you seen this video? Talk about scary... This surfer is lucky to walk away unharmed after a shark knocks him off his board.

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