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Betty Crocker Bake-N-Fill

Does it Work Wednesday

Betty Crocker Bake-N-Fill
By: Amy Jacquin

It's always impressive when you're served fancy desserts. Now you can make spectacular cakes for your dinner parties, and it could be as easy as Bake-N-Fill. That's if the new Betty Crocker Bake-N-Fill pan works as promised.

The $20 Betty Crocker Bake-N-Fill pan comes with recipes for different layered and filled cakes. We choose the chocolate mocha cake with chocolate mousse filling.

"Do not fill tall pan or insert pan beyond the maximum fill mark," our volunteer reads the directions.

Caroline Austin is our volunteer. It's an exciting time for the Austin's. Caroline and her husband, Sam, are new parents. Little Alex arrived three weeks ago. So Caroline is happy to try baking something extra-special.

The three-piece set comes with a non-stick tall pan, base pan, and insert. And they can all be washed in the dishwasher.

The recipe is easy enough to follow, and we're soon ready to fill the tall pan with batter.

"I don't know, Amy, it's not really getting there," Caroline tells Amy Jacquin, after she pours the batter into the pan.

We followed the recipe closely, yet the batter is far below the fill line. We'll see what it looks like after it bakes for 45 minutes. We attach the insert pan which easily locks into place, and put it in the oven.

When it comes time to check the cake, the insert pan makes it harder to see if the cake is done. You can insert a toothpick in one of the holes, but that's good only for the upper edges. So we just trust the recipe, and let the cake cool for 20 minutes before removing the insert pan.

The cake looks great. Any more batter and it may have overflowed. As the cake continues to cool, Caroline and I make the mousse filling. When the cake is completely cool, we add the filling. Once again, we feel like the recipe didn't make enough, but maybe it'll expand as it chills.

It doesn't. But once the mousse is set, Caroline inverts the cake onto a serving tray. It's the moment of truth and Caroline needs to help the cake loosen slightly before it comes out of the pan.

"Beautiful!" she exclaims.

It does look good. So we make the chocolate icing to be drizzled over the top and sides. We probably needed to let it set a while longer to get a little thicker, but some of it does firm-up on the cake. And it looks really appetizing. But will it taste as good as it looks?

"The filling is not quite as thick as it should be," Amy comments as Caroline cuts the first slice.

However, what is there, tastes great!

"It tastes very good!" Amy says. "Um hmn," Caroline agrees. "It's delicious!"

So overall, the Bake-N-Fill works pretty well.

"I think the idea is great," she says. "The pan seems well made. It cleaned up well. It baked evenly."

We only tried one recipe, and wish we had more mousse and firmer icing. But we could easily substitute another filling.

"I'd love to see it with another recipe," Caroline nods. "But I would give the pan a B-plus."

That's exactly what Amy was thinking! So the $20 Better Crocker Bake-N-Fill gets a B+. These pans are not sold in stores yet, so you have to buy it on-line or off the TV offer.

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