Metropolis man 'brought back to life'

Metropolis man survives after going several minutes without pulse

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - A Metropolis man's heart beats on after he was without a pulse for several minutes on Tuesday.

As of Friday night, 61-year-old Jerry Baird was staying at Baptist Prime Care Center in Paducah, Ky.

Baird's wife Teresa explained on Friday that she found her husband on the floor of their home in Metropolis on Tuesday after dinner.

"I nudged him…" she recalled, "nudged him… I smacked him. Nothing. I called 911. I knew he was dead… and he was."

In a panic; she said she dialed 911 and began administering CPR., but after several minutes of no pulse she says it was hard not to lose hope.

"There's no words to describe what you feel like at that moment when you realize they're dead" Teresa explained. "I called my son and told him that he needed to get down because his dad was dead. That's how sure I was."

Teresa kept trying for around 7 minutes until  Metropolis Police Officer John McNeely arrived and took over. "It's so easy to learn… and it could save someone's life."

"There was a man lying on the floor blue in color," said officer McNeely on Friday as he recalled the scene, "His wife was very frantic, and I knew I had to do everything I could to try to help him… and situations like that are sometimes out of our control."

At that point, more than 10 minutes had passed since Jerry was found lying in his living room without a pulse according to police. A fellow officer and paramedics then arrived on scene with a defibrillator

"They shocked him twice and got him back." Teresa explained, "and it was a sigh of relief… but still gripped with fear."

Teresa said on Friday she felt intimidated by the months of recovery to come.

"His heart is almost 50 percent dead" she said, "so it's gonna be a long road of medicine and treatment to get the other fifty to where it needs to be."

Teresa said what keeps her going is her husband's attitude. Police say he was able to speak as early as the night of the incident.

"And he told me the other day that we would work through this regardless of what it takes." Teresa explained. "That was very good to hear… he's got a lot of grand-babies he's got to run after… twelve of them."

Jerry Baird is scheduled to have a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted on Monday.

Below is the metropolis police department's statement on the call, posted on their Facebook page.

"Kudos to our boys in blue! On July 14, 2015, Officers John McNeely and Sgt Cody Brown responded to a medical call on Woodhaven. They found a male blue, unresponsive and not breathing. CPR was initiated by these officers. Keith Davis, Mtpls Emergency mgmt arrived and started rescue breathing. Chief Morris of the fire dept brought in an AED and utilized it. They saved this man's life. No doubt they are hero's. I am so proud of them. You should be too!" - Chief Masse

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