Cape Girardeau drivers concerned about Clark, Broadway intersection

Cape Girardeau drivers concerned about Clark, Broadway intersection

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Some Cape Girardeau locals are concerned about the intersection of Broadway and Clark Streets, the scene of a deadly crash on Thursday.

"I've been saying for years 'there's going to be a fatality here' and unfortunately it happened," Cape Girardeau resident Randy Barnhouse said.

Drivers like Barnhouse say if nothing changes, it may not be the last.

While police say it's not the most dangerous intersection in the city, drivers say one deadly crash is too many.

Cape Girardeau police say there have been six traffic accidents at the intersection of Clark and Broadway so far in 2015.

"There was a car sitting in the intersection with almost the entire front end torn off of it," Barnhouse said.

It's a scene Barnhouse said he's witnessed here too often.

"Someone ran the red light and the impact of the vehicle caused the car to go up into the front yard of the bank over there," Barnhouse said.

He's not the only one who calls this intersection accident prone. Others spoke up on Facebook. One driver even said they'd been T-Boned there.

"What's the speed limit? 30? 35? You know, a broadside accident, that's some dangerous physics," Barnhouse said.

Another driver said one of the big problems is, if you're making a right on Broadway as you're going south on Clark, there's a 'No Right on Red Sign' because there's a concrete wall blocking your view. However, as Barnhouse says, that sign is easy to overlook.

"We get to a red light and we just assume with our tunnel vision that you can make a right turn," Barnhouse said.

According to police data, in 2014, this intersection didn't rank in the top three areas with the most wrecks. Mt. Auborn, near where William intersects had the most, followed by the area along Kingshighway near Independence, and coming in third, the location around Broadway and Kingshighway.

Still, Barnhouse and others urge drivers to pay attention, especially at Broadway and Clark.

"Proceed with caution and once again, if you have a green light just look both ways and look again," Barnhouse said.

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