Protecting your gadgets from the summer heat

Protecting your gadgets from the summer heat

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The heat isn't only hard on us, but also our gadgets.

Owner of Modern Technology in Cape Girardeau, Ryan Evans, said people bring in their phones and tablets with heat-related damage all the time.

He suggested never leaving your phone on the dash of your car or outside in direct sunlight…even in the winter!

Most phones have a safe-guard that turns your phone off when it gets too hot, but Evans said it doesn't always work.

"They bought an aftermarket battery, and then after that aftermarket battery, we found, hey it was swelling up. What was the reason? Well, they left it in their car, you know, it wasn't directly hit with the sun, but it was stuffy enough to raise the heat and the battery started swelling," Evans said.

Evans said it's a problem they can fix, but sometimes when the battery swells it can even break the screen, causing an even bigger problem.

He suggests always leaving your phone or tablet in the shade or even using a cool box to keep your gadgets in when you're in the car.

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