White Co. police investigate potential burglary

White Co. police investigate potential burglary

CARMI, IL (KFVS) - The White County Sheriff's Department was called to a home in Carmi, Ill. Wednesday to investigate a potential burglary.

Gale Schneider called the Sheriff's Office and reported that she thought someone had been in her house.

Schneider said that her daughter, who lives next door, came over to let her dogs out of the house, and noticed the door open to the home.

Her daughter then went inside, noticed that the dogs were gone, and that someone had allegedly opened her mother's bedroom door.

She said her dresser drawers had been opened but not ransacked. Her daughter could not immediately tell if anything was missing.

Schneider arrived home and told officers that there was a black security lock box missing, with cash inside.

Yvonna Sullivan, a friend of Schneider's, said the box and money belonged to her.

Sullivan said that Schneider was keeping some items of value for her.

There were two other secure boxes still in the house that were not bothered.

Sullivan said that the box could be opened with a key, and that she has the key at her home.

It did appear that anything else was missing. Both Sullivan and Schneider said that very few people knew the boxes were there.

Schneider said that the dogs would probably come back later, and that she did not feel they would be aggressive to anyone coming to the house.

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