Steele, MO man's prison sentence commuted by President Obama

Steele, MO man has prison sentence commuted

STEELE, MO (KFVS) - President Obama recently commuted the sentences of some prisoners, and that has a family in Steele, Missouri celebrating.

Flora Johnson, Willie Johnson's step mom, said the family was shocked and moved to tears after hearing the news of his upcoming release.

"I didn't believe it when I heard it," she said. "I called my daughter and said, 'Dede, is it true?' She said, 'yes,' and I just jumped up with joy. I got on the phone and I called Mya, his daughter, and I said, 'Mya, you heard?' She said, 'Yes, grandma. I heard.' And she was just crying."

Willie Johnson has been in prison since 2005. He was convicted on charges related to cocaine.

His sentence: 30 years in prison.

Contrell Johnson was just five years old when his dad went to prison. He said his dad's release will have a huge impact on his life.

"This is real important to me," he said. "I need that father figure in my life."

Contrell said his dad is excited about getting out, but has asked his family not to come and visit him until he is released in November.

"It been a couple of months since I seen him because he didn't want us to go see him before he gets out," he said.

Family members say the four-month wait will be worth it.

"I'm just glad he's getting out, so that he can be with his family. Because that's where every man needs to be, is with his family."

His mom said she is anxiously awaiting two things.

"Give him a big ol' hug! And he owe me a steak dinner. That's what he owe me," she said.

The family has plans to throw a barbecue when Johnson is released on Nov. 10.

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