Does It Work: Hard Water Wand

Does It Work: Hard Water Wand

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Do you have problems with hard water stains? It can make your toilet look dirty, even after you've scrubbed and scrubbed.

The Hard Water Wand claims to make those stains magically disappear; but does it work?

It claims its secret is imported volcanic pumice stone that's tough on stains, but won't scratch porcelain.

We turned to the experts to test this product. Kelsey Irwin of Merry Maids Cleaning Service in Cape Girardeau cleans two to three houses per day and has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to scouring away hard water stains.

"We have a pumice stone like this only it's not on a stick," Irwin said.

Merry Maids use pumice scouring sticks that are nothing fancy, but get the job done. It's pretty simple, you hold the stick in the toilet and scrub – but certainly not for the squeamish.

"When you use this - you use gloves," said Irwin.

While Irwin is encouraged by the thought of putting some distance between her hand and the toilet bowl, she's not sure the Hard Water Wand will be quite as magical as advertised.

"I think I like the handle, but I don't know if the handle will get in the way," Irwin said.  "I guess we'll see."

Irwin takes the Hard Water Wand to work at a home in Cape Girardeau. It's one of her regular customers, so the toilet isn't too dirty – except for hard water stains.

The Hard Water Wand powered off a portion of the stains around the rim, but not all.

"This is hard to get up in here a little bit," Irwin said. "It just doesn't fit up in that crease right there."

The Hard Water Wand made short work of the ring around the toilet bowl. It disappeared in no time.

"The ring here worked pretty well," said Irwin. "You can't see it as much as it was before. You can use the whole scrubber for that."

Irwin notices the more she scrubs, the more the Hard Water Wand wears down. The Hard Water Wand doesn't seem to be reusable and at a cost of $11.99 per wand, Irwin is skeptical.

"It doesn't seem like it would last very long," said Irwin. "We have those sticks and you just use them up, so you might as well just get the sticks."

Irwin gloves up and switches back to her tried and true pumice scouring stick. She's able to clean more of the staining that she couldn't reach with the Hard Water Wand.

Overall, Irwin said the Hard Water Wand doesn't deliver a magic fix for all hard water stains. She gives the Hard Water Wand 3 stars on this Does It Work test.

We bought the Hard Water Wand for $11.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Lowes Home Improvement store in Cape Girardeau sells the Pomie Pumice Scouring Sticks at $2.83 per six-count package.

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