GCHS asst. principal named new principal of Wingo Elem.

GCHS asst. principal named new principal of Wingo Elem.

GRAVES COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - Graves County High School assistant principal Scott Bradley has been selected as the new principal of Wingo Elementary School.

Wingo's site-based decision-making council chose him in a meeting on Monday evening at the Graves County School District's central office. Approximately 40 people, many members of the faculty and staff, attended.

"Mr. Bradley was chosen based on his integrity and his interest in and love for the schools of Graves County," said Wingo guidance counselor Malena Parham, the SBDM council chairman. "He is very dedicated to whatever job he fills. He comes to us from the high school and has left a very favorable impression there. There were lots of good comments. We just believe that he is a right fit for our school, our students, and our staff."

"I look forward to getting started!" he said, in an interview. "I think Wingo Elementary School is a bright star that's ready to shine!"

Graves County's elementary schools are new territory to Bradley.

"I went to elementary school in Springville, Tenn., just outside Paris," he explained. "My family moved here when I started high school." He was graduated from GCHS in 1993. He continued, "I took a few years off from education between high school and college, joined the workforce, and decided I wanted to do something else."

That 'something else' started with education as a student in order to pursue education as a career. He began with two years of coursework at the former Paducah Community College (now West Kentucky Community and Technical College). He then completed a bachelor's degree in 2002 with a major in history education and a minor in social sciences at Murray State University.

Upon graduation, he was hired as a history teacher at GCHS that summer and taught there for ten years, the last "four or five" of them as social studies department chair. For the past two years, he has served as a GCHS assistant principal and principal of Freshman Academy.

"Graves County High School is all I've known in this area – first as a student, then as a teacher and administrator," he said. "I just love to see students learn! I know that sounds cliché, but it's the truth. In my classroom, you often could see that light bulb go off.

"But in high school, sometimes when the light bulb goes off and students 'get it,' they try to hide it. They don't want other people to know that they understand. When a teacher asks a question like, 'who knows this?' you might get a hand or two in the air; you don't see 30 hands," Bradley said. "Whereas, in the elementary school, when the light bulb goes off, they let it shine! They are proud of their learning and they really show it! That's something I think I need at this point in my career! It rejuvenates you and reminds you of what motivated you to enter this field in the first place. Student learning is why I got into education and these elementary students aren't going to hide their pride in learning. They're going to let their light shine! I have no doubt that I'll really enjoy that!"

Scott Bradley married his wife, Penny Bradley, in 2002. The couple has two daughters. Lydia is 7 and Palin is 4. The family lives in Graves County.

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